8 Best Drill Bits for Porcelain Tile [Evaluated in 2023]

8 Best Drill Bits for Porcelain Tile [Evaluated in 2023]

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best drill bits for porcelain

You might think you can use any drill bit when creating holes in porcelain tile but you can quickly end up with shattered tiles that require costly fixes. If you want to drill porcelain without the worry of cracking the tile then you will want to choose a drill bit that has been designed with this material in mind.

When looking at drilling into tile you will want to avoid Carbide (unless it’s very soft tile), and you will want to go for a diamond-tipped drill bit. Diamond bits are more rugged with a reinforced head that can handle harder porcelain tile. They can do so without causing undue damage to the tile such as cracks and chips.

How to drill porcelain tile:

No matter the drill bit you use, it’s crucial to understand proper drilling. Otherwise, you risk messing up your project or ruining your tile and bits no matter how well-built the bits are.

So, when drilling into porcelain, remember to go slow and don’t apply much pressure. Indeed, some drill bits work fast, but you want the drill to do most of the work. Drilling four or five holes in five minutes or so is a reasonable pace to stick to over-drilling up to ten holes in the same period.

Drill bits tend to come in sets. Now, some sets contain multiple sizes while others contain just several of the same size bit. It doesn’t hurt to get a kit of different sizes if you have a big project to complete. This ensures that you will always have the right bit to cut into the specific surface from harder to softer.

When putting together our list of the best drill bits for tile, we reached out to our community of metallurgists, who are experts in material science. Also, we looked at the latest customer sentiment data so that we could be confident that our list is the best for 2023:

3 Best Drill Bits for Porcelain Tile

BOSCH GT2000 4-Piece Carbide Tipped Glass, Ceramic and Tile Drill Bit Set , silver
HIGHDRIL Diamond Drill bits kit with 5/8-11 for Porcelain Tile Ceramic Marble Brick Concrete Vacuum Brazed Hole Saw(6/8/10/16/20/25/32/50mm+10mm Finger Bits+SDS Shank adapter)
Rokrou Diamond Hole Saw Set 15 PCS Tile Hole Saw Kit with Drill Guide from 6mm-50mm /1/4‘’- 2” for Ceramic,Glass,Porcelain,Marble
BOSCH GT2000 4-Piece Carbide Tipped Glass, Ceramic and Tile Drill Bit Set , silver
HIGHDRIL Diamond Drill bits kit with 5/8-11 for Porcelain Tile Ceramic Marble Brick Concrete Vacuum Brazed Hole Saw(6/8/10/16/20/25/32/50mm+10mm Finger Bits+SDS Shank adapter)
Rokrou Diamond Hole Saw Set 15 PCS Tile Hole Saw Kit with Drill Guide from 6mm-50mm /1/4‘’- 2” for Ceramic,Glass,Porcelain,Marble

1. BOSCH GT2000 4-Piece Drill Bit Set – Best Overall

BOSCH GT2000 4-Piece Carbide Tipped Glass, Ceramic and Tile Drill Bit Set , silver

The BOSCH GT2000 Drill Bit Set gives you four different drill bits of various sizes to handle multiple tasks. With the extra-sharp, diamond-ground cutting edges, the drill bits makes installing in porcelain, tile, and glass easier. Alongside that, the precision-ground tip helps the bit drill faster. Since the bit is self-centering, there’s less risk of bit walking.

The carbide construction improves its reliability, and the bits also feature a reinforced head. This can ward off cracking, extending the life of your bits so they don’t have to be replaced anytime soon. The bits are all simple to use, and thanks to the three flat shank on the 5/16-inch and larger bits, there’s not much worry about slippage.


  • Material of drill bit: Carbide
  • How many bits are included: Four
  • Diameter: 1/8 inches | 3/16 inches | ¼ inches | 5/16 inches

What we love:

  • Bits have clear, easy-to-read labels
  • Not prone to causing shattering or cracking on surfaces you’re drilling into
  • Generally cuts through smoothly to create clean holes

We don’t like this as much:

  • Speed seems to slow down when used in porcelain
  • Durability is best when drilling a few holes rather than a lot of holes
  • PRECISION: Features Bosch’s unique product design with a precision tip to help solve any bit wandering or bit walking
  • QUALITY: This glass and tile set includes a high-quality carbide tip with a reinforced head to reduce stress, prevent bit cracking and the diamond ground cutting edges provide a longer life
  • VERSATILE: Perfect for common applications such as relief holes for glass cutting, bathroom and shower installs, drilling and fastening mirrors, setting concrete screws in tile and many more
  • RELIABLE: The three flat shank provides superior grip on 5 16 in. bits and larger to prevent slippage. The Bosch Glass & Tile bits are easy to use while still providing best-in-class speed so you can get the job done faster
  • INNOVATIVE: Featuring the Bosch branded, innovative geometry allows bits to drill faster. Each bit is clearly labeled so you can select the correct fit for the task. Included drill bit sizes: 1/8 in., 3/16 in., 1/4 in., 5/16 in.

2. Rokrou Diamond Drill Bit Saw Kit – Best Budget for Tile

Rokrou Diamond Hole Saw Set 15 PCS Tile Hole Saw Kit with Drill Guide from 6mm-50mm /1/4‘’- 2” for Ceramic,Glass,Porcelain,Marble

The Rokrou Diamond Drill Bit Saw Kit offers 15 different drill bit sizes. This helps you tackle any of your DIY tasks at home. Since all the bits are diamond-styled, they have a better chance at successfully drilling through porcelain. Thanks to the multitude of sizes, you can handle porcelain jobs large and small.

Additionally, this comes with a drill bit guide designed as a one-size-fits-all style. There is both a small bit mode that adjusts the bearing to fit the smaller bits, and there’s a big bit mode that includes four bearings to better support the larger bits. This included guide also helps prevent you from scratching the surface you’re drilling into for a cleaner job.



  • Material of drill bit: Carbon steel | nickel-coated
  • How many bits are included: Fifteen
  • Diameter: 6mm/0.24inches | 8mm/0.31inches | 10mm/0.39inches | 12mm/0.47inches | 14mm/0.55inches | 16mm/0.63inches | 18mm/0.71inches | 20mm/0.79inches | 22mm/0.87inches | 25mm/0.98inches | 26mm/1.02inches | 28mm/1.1inches | 30mm/1.18inches | 40mm/1.57inches | 50mm/1.97inches

What we love:

  • Reliable bits that last through more than a few uses
  • Designed user-friendly as it’s easy to use
  • The suction on the guide works well so it doesn’t slide around

We don’t like this as much:

  • Could benefit from a case to keep everything together
  • Suction cup cave doesn’t hold the small bits as well as the larger ones
  • 𝔾𝕠𝕠𝕕 𝕄𝕒𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕒𝕝—— Hole saw set are made of carbon steel and coated with nickel to resist corrosion. Diamond hole saw creates a high precision, smooth cut with no broken edges. Reduced drill speeds, low drill pressure and increased use of water lubrication will extend drill bit life considerably.
  • 𝟙𝟝 𝔻𝕚𝕗𝕗𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕟𝕥 𝕊𝕚𝕫𝕖𝕤 ——Diamond Hole Saws 15PCS contains: 6mm/0.24″ 8mm/0.31″ 10mm/0.39″ 12mm/0.47″ 14mm/0.55″ 16mm/0.63″ 18mm/0.71″ 20mm/0.79″ 22mm/0.87″ 25mm/0.98″ 26mm/1.02″ 28mm/1.1″ 30mm/1.18″ 40mm/1.57″ 50mm/1.97″
  • 𝔸𝕕𝕛𝕦𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕓𝕝𝕖 𝔻𝕣𝕚𝕝𝕝 𝔾𝕦𝕚𝕕𝕖——No need to worry about scratching your tile when drilling the hole. Our Adjustable hole saw drilling guide with suction cup and 4 bearings will hole the diamond hole saw still during the process. From 6mm to 50mm all the hole saw bit can fit in this guide.The precise positioning system firmly clamps the hole saw to prevent slipping and damage to objects caused by improper operation.
  • ℍ𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕠𝕨 ℂ𝕦𝕥 𝕆𝕦𝕥——The large clearance holes on the diamond drill bit help water cool and flush swarf and other particles from the drill hole,ensuring smooth cut and speed up drilling. When debris gets stuck in the diamond hole saw,the clearance holes allow you to use the screwdriver to pry it out.
  • 𝕍𝕖𝕣𝕤𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕝𝕖——Diamond hole saw and guide set suitable for use on smooth surfaces such as tile, ceramic, glass (except tempered glass), marble, granite and terrazzo. to help you with home modification, wine bottle craft, glass or procelain pot modification. No matter you are a DIYer or family handyman, this set is all you need. It will be your good helper.

3. HIGHDRIL Diamond Drill Bits Kit – Best if you can afford

HIGHDRIL Diamond Drill bits kit with 5/8-11 for Porcelain Tile Ceramic Marble Brick Concrete Vacuum Brazed Hole Saw(6/8/10/16/20/25/32/50mm+10mm Finger Bits+SDS Shank adapter)

The HIGHDRIL Diamond Drill Bits Kit gives you all the choices you should need to handle not just porcelain, but also other materials like ceramic, marble, and even brick. These bits can be fitted on both an electric drill and a hand drill too, giving you even more variety in how you want to approach your task.

These bits are designed to provide you with not just faster drilling, but smoother drilling too. This can help you cut into your porcelain tile without leaving too much of a mess behind such as unsmooth circles.


  • Material of drill bit: Artificial diamond and steel
  • How many bits are included: Nine
  • Diameter: 6mm | 8mm | 10mm | 16mm | 20mm | 25mm | 32mm | 50mm

What we love:

  • This comes with a carrying case to keep everything in place
  • Drill bits features the diameter label in black that stands out well against the yellow bit
  • Comes with an SDS Shank adapter

We don’t like this as much:

  • Must use the adapter to fit this on a machine other than an Angle Grinder
  • Not all bit sizes reduce how much chipping there may be
  • Vacuum dry/wet brazed diamond drilling bits Core bits with 5/8-11,6/8/10/16/20/25/32/50mm,Each Size 1Pc+1Pc 10mm Finger Bits+1Pc SDS Shank Adapter
  • Whether ceramic, tiles,porcelain tile, granite, marble, stone, masonry or brick,this kit is suitable for all these materials drilling/enlarging, shaping/5/8-11 thread core bits can be fitted on hand drill or electric drill
  • High quality and Durability:This tiling installation kit is made of high quality diamond and steel by vacuum brazed diamond technology.provide very high efficiency,drilling faster,durable and sturdy
  • Fast and smooth drilling ,long lifetime,less chipping
  • Aluminium portable suitcase included. for easy carry and storage and protect of the core bit

4. 10-Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set

10-Piece Glass Concrete Drill Bit Set, Masonry Drill Bits for Brick, Plastic and Wood, Hex Shank Tungsten Carbide Tip Drilling Tools for Mirror and Ceramic Tile on Concrete and Brick Wall.

Made from premium carbide material and a reinforced head, this 10-piece Drill Bit Set is designed to get you through numerous jobs. Thanks to the precision-ground spear, walking and bit skating is reduced. This can make your job that much easier, especially for those of you who may be unused to projects requiring drill bits.

The drill bit set is suitable for a multitude of applications from wood to porcelain. It does state that it isn’t intended to drill hard tile though. Also, the drill bits are made with the hex shank. This way, they can easily fit into various power tools and remain secure.


  • Material of drill bit: Carbide YG6X alloy
  • How many bits are included: Ten
  • Diameter: 1/8inches | 5/32inches | 3/16inches | 1/4inches | 5/16inches | 3/8inches |

What we love:

  • The body design allows for smoother rotation
  • Bits do well at maintaining their sharpness
  • The bits are designed with a reinforced head

We don’t like this as much:

  • It may take some time to fully break through the surface
  • As they provide you with several bits of the same size, the bits aren’t meant to last long
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS:Made of Premium carbide YG6X alloy with a reinforced head prevents bit cracking and provides a longer life.
  • ACCURATE AND PRECISE: Precision ground spear tip reduces bit skating and walking; superior tile cutter run through ceramic tile like butter, extremely neat and fast.
  • HEX SHANK FOR QUICK CHANGE: 1/4” Hex Shank fits into all power tools more easily and securely; compatible with Milwaukee and other general electric hand drill, bench drill with locking into quick change chuck.
  • WIDELY APPLICATION: It is suitable for Glass, Ceramic, Tile, Mirror, Plant Pots, Wood, Porcelain, Brick Wall, etc. Please try to keep the drill vertical and keep bits cool with a flow of cooling water; Can’t be used to drill hard tile.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES 10 pieces fine grade high durable drill bits about 3” in length: 1X 1/8” (3mm) ,1X 5/32” (4mm), 1X 3/16” (5mm), 4X 1/4” (6mm), 2X 5/16” (8mm) and 1X3/8” (10mm) to meet variety of needs.
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5. Bosch NS2000 Drill Bit Set

Bosch NS2000 Carbide Tipped Drill Bit Set for Drilling Natural Stone, Granite, Slate, Ceramic and Glass Tiles, Easy Application with No Water Needed (4-Piece Set)

The Bosch NS2000 Drill Bit Set offers four specialty bits to handle numerous applications. This is further aided by the design of the multi-grind head. With multiple cutting edges, the bits are built to successfully start the hole through harder surfaces.

This drill bit set is also made user-friendly. No water is required to use these, and this also creates less mess for quicker clean-up when everything’s done. Although this is designed to work with rotary drills, these can still fit hammer drills. This way, you can use the tool of your choice to handle your work.


  • Material of drill bit: Carbide
  • How many bits are included: Four
  • Diameter: 1/8inches | 3/16inches | 1/4inches | 5/16inches

What we love:

  • The three-flank shank grips well to prevent sliding
  • Easy to cut clean holes through tile
  • Designed to handle specialty tiles without causing cracks

We don’t like this as much:

  • Might only work best for smaller jobs
  • The shank of the bit could benefit from being longer
  • MULTI PURPOSE: For Drilling in Harder Tile, Natural Stone, Slate, Granite Tiles
  • FLEXIBLE: Designed for Rotary Drills; Compatible with Hammer Drills
  • EASE OF USE: Easy Application with No Water Required, Fast Clean-Up
  • UNIQUE: Special Carbide Tip with No-Skate Center; Multiple Cutting Edges
  • EFFICIENT: Offers up to 20% Faster Drilling in Hard Materials Compared to Glass and Tile Bits

6. Hymnorq Glass and Tile Drill Bit Set

Hymnorq 5/16 Inch Glass and Tile Drill Bit 10pc Set, YG6X Tungsten Carbide Tipped Spear Cutter, 1/4 Hex Shank, Painted Surface, for Drilling Ceramic Mirror Wood Porcelain Brick Wall Bottle

The Hymnorq Glass and Tile Drill Bit Set features bits made with a professional, spear-shaped design. With its hex shank, the bits are meant to hold well for minimal sliding and offer quick release in a power drill. Meanwhile, the carbide tip gives the bit extra efficiency to handle harder jobs such as porcelain tile without breaking the first time around.

To further help these bits last over time, they are all treated with an anti-rust black coating. Not only does this keep the bits looking good, but it also allows for smoother cutting. The head is even thickened for greater precision with a minimal risk of any wandering.


  • Material of drill bit: Carbide with titanium finish
  • How many bits are included: Ten
  • Diameter: 5/16inches

What we love:

  • Rapidly drills through thick surfaces when used with water
  • The bit is easy to place where you need it to go
  • The case they come in can be used as a storage and carrying container

We don’t like this as much:

  • The tip might become dull after a few uses
  • You may have to use one bit per hole rather than use the same bit on multiple holes
  • QUALITY MATERIAL – Tungsten carbide tipped cutter and anti-rust electroplated steel drill bit body, built for faster penetrating, prolonged life and heavy-duty use.
  • PROFESSIONAL lDESIGN – Spear-shaped design will effectively reduce breakout. Hex shank shank allows for stable holing and quick release in power drill. 1/4″ hex shank design for quick release.
  • MULTIPLE PURPOSE – These masonry drill bits can easily penetrate tile, terracotta, concrete, cement, ceramic brick, glass, plastic, cinderblock, wood and many more. Please try to keep the drill vertical and use water or coolant for lubrication when drilling. Don’t use these bits to drill hard tile.
  • 10PC BITS – The set includes 10pc of 5/16″ dia. tile and glass drill bits, well packed in a plastic case for easy storage and transportation.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We do care about your satisfaction. We try our best to ensure each product is in perfect condition before you get it, but if something is not up to your satisfaction, please contact us for a full refund or replacement. Every message will be replied in on or a few hours.

7. 10-Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set

10 Pieces Masonry Drill Bits Set Glass Drilling Bits for Ceramic Tile Wood Porcelain Mirror Plastic Marble Wall with Strength Carbide Tips in Sizes-1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2 Inch, Gold

This 10-Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set includes a good diversity of sizes to help you tackle big and small projects on surfaces beyond porcelain. The bits are made from premium material, including both corrosion-resistant and rust-proof applications to help them last longer.

Besides that, the body of the bits are built wear-resistant too so that they have a greater chance of holding on through multiple uses. Thanks to the masonry tip designed flat, it’s sharper to penetrate objects with more efficiency. This gives you rounded holes that are smoother and lack any chipped or otherwise broken edges.


  • Material of drill bit: Carbide | alloy steel | tungsten steel
  • How many bits are included: Ten
  • Diameter: 1/8inches | 5/32inches | 3/16inches | 1/4inches | 5/16inches | 3/8inches | 1/2inches

What we love:

  • Good amount of thickness to the bits to better drill into dense material
  • Bit isn’t prone to showing wear after a single use
  • Designed flat on the end so that they hold well and don’t twist in the drill
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We don’t like this as much:

  • May work best in a hammer drill over other drills
  • Tip can feel blunt after a few uses of the same bit
  • 10 PCS DRILL BITS coming with all popular sizes – 1/8”(1 INCLUDED), 5/32” (1 INCLUDED), 3/16” (1 INCLUDED), 1/4” (4 INCLUDED), 5/16” (1 INCLUDED), 3/8” (1 INCLUDED), 1/2” (1 INCLUDED), the long drilling bits can be firmly and stably installed on the electric drill, suitable for drilling holes in ceramic tiles and mirrors.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY glass drill bits set: made of premium metal alloy and coated with zinc, rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, and the strength carbide tip provides durable and wear-resistant masonry drill bits for concrete.
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTION: drill bits set is widely applicable to ceramic tile, porcelain pot, marble, glass, wood and plastic, and can be used for installing mirror, towel rack and toilet paper roll in bathroom.
  • SPECIAL CARBIDE TIP: flat designed tip of masonry drill bit is sharp and performs well in penetrating objects, and the holes drilled are round and smooth without broken edges or tremor phenomenon.
  • PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE: please do not drill hole in the hard ceramic tile; please do not use our masonry drill bit set with hammer drill, if you have any questions about this drill bits kit, please feel free to contact us.

8. Gunpla Multi-Material Drill Bits Set

Gunpla 10Pcs Multi-Material Drill Bits Set, Cemented Carbide Masonry Drill Bits for Glass, Plastic, Tile, Concrete, Brick, Wall, Wood and Brick Wall 6mm

The Gunpla Multi-Material Drill Bits Set features a small, spade-shaped tip built to withstand frequent use. With the length of the bits, they should penetrate without difficulty so that you don’t have to apply much pressure. This affordable set comes with ten bits, all of them the same size.

When properly lubricated, the bits provide accurate drilling through various surfaces, giving you the chance to handle whatever job you need done. These are also designed to work with various electric drills so that you can choose the best drill for your situation.


  • Material of drill bit: Alloy steel | carbide tips
  • How many bits are included: Ten
  • Diameter: 1/4inches

What we love:

  • Digs into the surface well right away without slipping
  • Can drill multiple holes in minutes
  • Good size shank to handle the average at-home project

We don’t like this as much:

  • They are rather disposable so you may go through the hole set with one job
  • Can dull faster in harder surfaces than ones that are softer with less depth
  • 【ALLOY STEEL MATERIAL】: Gunpla drill bits set forged from premium ALLOY STEEL quality, glass drill bits provide smooth, accurate drilling in ceramic tile, marble, mirrors, glass, aluminum, concrete and wood. The durable drill bit must be kept well lubricated for the best possible results. This is most commonly done by running water over the drilling surface
  • 【DIMENSION】: Designed with a 6mm Spear-pointed Tip, the multi material drill bits have a 1/4 inches design that reduces breakout. Length: 70mm, Shank: approx. 3/16 inches. Our spear head drill bits are heavy duty, meant to serve for a very long time.
  • 【APPLICATION】: Ideal for drilling ceramic tiles, glass, marble, and mirrors. When drilling hard materials, please use water for lubrication, good cooling can extend the service life of the drill bit. The glass drill bits are typically used with electric drills to create holes in all these cited material
  • 【TUNGSTEN CARBIDE TIP】: The ceramic drill bit feature a Tungsten carbide tip for extended bit efficiency and life. During the process of drilling, the coating rubs away the glass, creating a perfect hole in the material being drilled
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】: The package includes 10pcs 6mm glass and tile drill bits and a plastic storage box, easy to carry. The multi construction glass bits are smooth, straight and has an ideal texture


As you’re gearing up to install some incredible porcelain tile to your bathroom or kitchen floors and walls, you should always come in with the right materials. This includes finding the best drill bits for porcelain applications. You are working with a relatively hard material here. So, it would be best if you had the right drill bit that not only can adequately cut into it but can also do so in a way that won’t damage the tile itself.

With this in mind, it’s essential to look for drill bits with enough sharpness to cut into the material successfully. From there, you want a reliable and stable head so that the process is smooth, leaving you with a perfect circle without any chips. Additionally, you want to look for accuracy here because you don’t want to find yourself drilling hole after hole because the drill bit slipped just a hair out of place. Typically, diamond drill bits and carbide-tipped bits do well at handling porcelain projects, from hard ones to softer ones. If you have difficulty finding the best drill bit for your needs, we hope our list will show you down a few worthwhile paths.

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