Clear Coat Repair. It Can be done

Clear Coat Repair. It Can be done

So yesterday I decided to try and see what I could do with some of the lifting clear coat on the car. I picked the driver rear panel as it was in a good place to stay out of the 100 degree Texas sun as much as I could. As the sun was beating down and keeping the panel hot it was making it more difficult so I backed the car in a shaded area by the shop door. Perfect. After about 4 hours work I fixed the panel and I must say it looks wonderful. I created a video of the process for the Youtube channel if you can to see the process. After the whole car is done a panel at a time, I’ll go back and do a cut and polish so she really shines. May not be a “show” finish but she will look WAY better then she is now after baking 14 years in the hot Texas sun. The final cost of just this panel was right at $48.

  peeling clear coat!!!

Products I used:

Dupli-Color BGM0398 Bright Red General Motors Exact-Match Automotive Paint – 8 oz. Aerosol :
Dupli-Color EBPR00310 Gray Perfect Match Scratch Filler Primer – 8 oz. Aerosol
USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol (2 PACK)
Dura-Gold – Pure Gold Superior Tack Cloths – Tack Rags
Dura-Gold – Premium – Wet or Dry – 800 Grit
Dura-Gold – Premium – Wet or Dry – 1500 Grit

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