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Dive into anything

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My mom does this every year, for the trash men.

How do you tip them? I’ve always wondered. Run after them? Tape this to the cans? Sorry, I just need to know!

I just wait for them, luckily they come about 10 minutes before I leave for work.

My ex husband would just leave a bottle of whisky and a six pack of budweiser on the top of the trash. I’m sure cash is appreciated too though.

As a garbage man who’s currently receiving Christmas gifts, I can answer! Usually people tape an envelope to their bag or can. Some people make it more noticeable by putting something colourful like a ribbon or bow on it so it stands out. Less frequently people will come out in person and hand you something, which is nice because we don’t get much human interaction throughout the day. Just today I got a six pack of beer that was put in a Christmas type bag inside their garbage can. The most common gift we get here in Canada are Tim’s cards – a gift card to Tim Hortons. I also got a pair of insulated work gloves, a pair of socks, and some pickled beets this year lol

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Load it into a t-shirt cannon and blast it through their window when they drive past.

I wait for them and give it to them as they pick up our garbage. Fortunately, we are near the start of their route, so we don’t have to wait around much.

We used to tip all the time by taping an envelope to the inside of the lid. But now our town has trucks with robotic arms that hoist the giant can up and over. The worker doesn’t even get out of the truck.

I’d still tip, but I don’t even know how.

I’ve always wondered this too. The garbage truck here comes in the middle of the night and i’m sure any present left on the top of a bin would be snapped up by a sneaky passer by in seconds.

My parents’ house has an alley behind, where the trucks come through. They tape a sign to their back fence, above the trash, that says “honk for Christmas present”. Works a charm.

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I remember my dad would leave 6-packs of beer out there for them during the holidays, it was a hit

You can also tape a envelope to the can. The week of Christmas is when the tips come out. Surprising how many people DON’T tip (no one is hurting for $ in my neighborhood).

My neighbors (I haven’t done this yet but want to!) Left envelopes on the top of the cans with big bows.

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Was your mom a teacher? Your mom is awesome. Have a good Christmas with her. (Someone who misses their mom)

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