EveryPlate review: our take on the affordable meal kit for 2022

EveryPlate review: our take on the affordable meal kit for 2022

There really is a meal kit out there for everyone. Is EveryPlate for you?

We wanted to know for ourselves, and after testing a whopping 23 different meal kit companies this year, it was time for a deeper dive on a crowd favorite — EveryPlate.

The meal kit service is marketed as “America’s Best Value Meal Kit,” with affordable pricing and accessible recipes that aim to please a plethora of tastes. With a rotating weekly menu, they offer servings starting at $4.99, but for you, dear reader, we have an even better deal.

For New York Post readers like yourself, you can get this meal kit for $1.49 per serving, using our exclusive promo code NYPOST149 at checkout.

Need more convincing? We recently put the meal kit to the test in our work-from-home test kitchen, cooking up a customer favorite meal, a veggie-centric dish and a premium meal with elevated ingredients.

How’d it plate? Read on for the full dish and then get cooking yourself, using our promo code above or the big red button below to get started.

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Our review of EveryPlate

After cooking up my fair share of meal kits, I would say I am in-between novice and chef when it comes to home cooking. Meal kits that are easy to order, recipes that are easy to follow and food that is easy to eat are really my three main criteria.

EveryPlate checked them all.

To get the full taste of EveryPlate’s offerings, I wanted to try a sampling of some of the different categories of options on the site. I chose two meals for my weekly picks, with a customer favorite option of the “Chicken Sausage & Tomato Soup with Israeli Couscous & Parmesan” and then a more premium pick of the “Brown Butter Scallops over Creamy Corn & Tomato Risotto” as a treat for the weekend.

To note, each recipe, regardless of premium or not, came with easy to follow recipe cards, printed in full color with no more than six steps at most. This is super appreciated especially when cooking something unfamiliar, as the photos help to guide the way almost as much as the text.


Also to note were the ingredients themselves. EveryPlate does an amazing job with both providing fresh produce and high-quality proteins and also with less packaging to minimize waste. I appreciated that all the ingredients for all three meals came in one neatly packed box, with the chicken, scallops and dairy products packed below on ice to keep them fresh.

So how did it go once in the kitchen? According to plan! When timed out, each recipe took the estimated time listed on the card, and in my humble opinion, looked just like the pictures. The timing makes it easy to plan for family meals, as well as when you are in a rush and only have a certain amount of time to cook, while the quality ingredients made it look like I had slaved away for an Instagrammable food moment. Win-win.

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