How to boost or extend Bluetooth Signal Range on Windows 11/10

How to boost or extend Bluetooth Signal Range on Windows 11/10

If you are searching for ways to extend or boost the Bluetooth signal range on Windows 11/10, then this guide will help you. Bluetooth has become a part of our tech life. In these days of wireless communications and connections, Bluetooth is crucial in connecting keyboard, mouse, and audio devices.

There is a limitation for everything and the Bluetooth signal or connectivity works only in between 10 meters without any disturbance or interference in between. Sometimes, those 10 meters are also hard to get. We have some tips to extend the Bluetooth signal range in this post. Let’s see what they are and how they work.

How to Boost or Extend Bluetooth Signal Range on PC

These are the ways you can boost or extend the Bluetooth signal range on your Windows 11/10:

  1. Update Bluetooth Drivers
  2. Remove the interferences in-between
  3. Get a long-range Bluetooth transmitter
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Let’s get into the details of the ways.

1] Update Bluetooth Drivers

Always update Bluetooth drivers to the latest versions. The latest versions make it work better with changes in its functioning. Outdated drivers with outdated mechanisms to make the Bluetooth work might hinder the signal range.

2] Remove the interferences in-between

There should be no interferences between your PC and the device that is connected via Bluetooth. Devices are connected through Bluetooth using a 2.4GHz radiofrequency. It is also the same with the WiFi connection. So you need to be a little distant from the router for the Bluetooth signal to work better.

3] Get a long-range Bluetooth transmitter

There are many devices that are available in the market with the latest Bluetooth technology to transmit the frequency in a long range. They go to the distance which your PC in-built Bluetooth transmitter cannot go. They can help you extend the Bluetooth signal range and stay connected.

Why is Bluetooth range so short?

Bluetooth uses a 2.4 GHz radiofrequency which is the same as WiFi. Bluetooth is designed to connect with devices in a short range and the data packets that change between them are slow. The power used by Bluetooth and WiFi is also not the same. Bluetooth consumes a lot less power when compared to WiFi. With all these limitations, the range of Bluetooth is so short.

How many devices can hook up to one Bluetooth?

The number of devices that can be connected to a Bluetooth changes from its versions. The latest Bluetooth 4.1 and 5 versions can allow you to connect up to 7 different devices. But can use only one device at a time.

Why can’t I turn Bluetooth on Windows?

There might be many reasons why you cannot turn on Bluetooth on Windows 11/10. It might be due to corrupted drivers, or unsupported drivers, etc.

You can fix the issue of not able to turn on Bluetooth with a few tricks.

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