Is this just clear coat peeling?

Is this just clear coat peeling?

  1. Is this just clear coat peeling?

    I saw this on my car a couple weeks and seems to be getting worse, I saw it about a year ago wasnt even close to this bad but was afraid to buff just in case it came out worse. I was wondering if this is just clear coat peeling that can be buffed out with some compound or if I need a repaint? Its on a 2009 mustang back bumper if that means anything
    Any my suggestions would help, I know there not the best photos ever.
    Thank you

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    Re: Is this just clear coat peeling?

    From my vantage point:
    Looks more like CC “Fracturing”;
    or perhaps “Crows’ Feet”; instead
    of CC Peeling/Failure.
    Either way:
    It’s not too far away
    From needing re-spray.
    Clearcoat Fracturing versus Clearcoat Failure

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  3. Re: Is this just clear coat peeling?

    Has it been repainted at any time?
    It looks almost like when some have applyied another clearcoat layer over the existing bc/cc with a bad prep work. Or the 2 clearcoats was not compatible with each other so the second layer/layers has lifted from the original paint. The looks from the pictures it seems to have an odd finish outside of these defects. Look at the edges or the other side of the edge to see signs of a repaint.
    How is it with the rest of the paint? And maybe other owners of this year of the Mustang or with the knowledge if there have been any callbacks or warranty work of the paint on these.
    Have you owned it since new?
    There are no fix for these defects other than sanding them down and do a proper repaint of the panel sadly.
    / Tony

  4. Re: Is this just clear coat peeling?

    To my knowledge it’s never been resprayed but being the third owner I have no clue. As far as reprint goes I can’t see any signs with my own eyes. But I will ask other mustang owners if they have these issues. But got a feeling it has something to do with the Florida sun and being outside a lot
    Thanks for the answers

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