Professional Clear Coat Repair: (How to Remove Clear Coat Without Damaging Paint)

Professional Clear Coat Repair: (How to Remove Clear Coat Without Damaging Paint)

Last updated on April 21st, 2022 at 10:13 am

Get a Professional Clear Coat Repair guidance that will teach you exactly how to remove clear coat without damaging the paint

There are several factors that could damage the clear coat of your car. Some of them are the sun’s UV rays, road debris and how long you have used the car. All this will make the clear coat peel or even fade completely.

Your car would not be attractive if its clear coat peels off. It gives it a rough and disgusting look. Repairing a car in a paint shop costs a lot of money and also time-consuming.

This post will provide you with a better alternative when you think of Professional clear coat repair that does not cost much. related Article: How Much Does Car Painting Cost

.Before we go further, you should know that you can prevent your clear coat from peeling by placing a thin barrier between it and sun rays. Once it starts peeling, there is nothing that can be done.

Here are the areas we will discuss in this article:

  • Professional Clear Coat Repair: (How To Remove Clear Coat Without Damaging Paint)
  • How to Fix Peeling Clear Coat Damage Nice and Easily
  • How to Remove Clear Coat Without Damaging the Paint

Professional Clear Coat Repair: (How To Remove Clear Coat Without Damaging Paint)

The Clear coat peeling repair cost for cars

To repair your damaged clear coat costs around $500 to $10,000. The actual determinant of the price is how much damage was done to the car. If a small area of your car is peeled, then you should be looking at $500 to $1000. If there are multiple damaged areas, you are looking at $1500 to about $5000.

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However, if the whole body of the car peels off, then it may be necessary to just repaint it

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How to Fix Peeling Clear Coat Damage Nice and Easily

You love your car but its paint is starting to lose its shine and you are confused as to what to do. There might be blisters or other damages on its clear coat. The usual thing to do is to repaint the car which is very costly. You can also decide to apply a new clear coat to it. If the damage is limited, you can try to fix it yourself. If the clear coat is peeling, you may repair it by following some of the steps below:


The first thing to do is scrub the peeled area with sandpaper that is 1000 grit. When rubbing it, make sure you do it in a circular motion and very firmly. You need to do that beyond the peeled area. This means that you might have to rub areas that are not damaged.

Do not scrub it too hard to avoid destroying the paint below the clear coat.

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Wet Sanding

Soak a 2000 grit sandpaper in water for over an hour, then use it on the transition between the remaining clear coat and the peeled portions. As you do so, make sure it stays wet by frequently dipping it in water. Use tape to mark off the area you want to work on, to make it easier.


After you have sanded it, clean the area with an alcohol and solvent cleaner. Then use a solvent paint cleaner which you might find alongside your repair kit or clear coat spray.


Scuff the area you have cleaned with a woven scuffing pad. Do not use sandpaper or any other hard tool to avoid making the texture rough. Once it is done, you can clean it again with a cleaner. If your paint has already been scuffed from sanding it earlier, you can skip this part.


Use tape to mark out the peeled area so that your clear coat spray will only touch the affected areas. Then spray the clear coat on its surface. Follow the instructions on the container and then spray. To create an even layer, you can move around as you spray. Then, let it dry for 5 minutes.

Apply another layer of clear coat following the same method. Spraying it twice should be enough but in case it isn’t, make sure you follow the instruction label on your clear spray can. Once it is dry, remove the tape.

How to Remove Clear Coat Without Damaging the Paint

To remove clear coat without destroying the paint of your car, follow the tips below:

  • The first thing you need to is to soak a 1200 grit sandpaper in the water for 10 minutes. Then apply masking tape to the area you don’t to be affected.
  • Spray water to the area you want to sand and then remove the sandpaper from the bottle.
  • Start sanding by applying pressure to the sanding block. Move it straight line so that the scratches can be visible. While you are sanding the peeled surface, add water frequently so that it can be moist.
  • You have to stop the process once the water starts turning milky. Wipe off the surface and dry it.
  • Get rid of any scratches from the sanding by using sandpaper with grit 1500 and then 2000. Make sure you are also wetting the paper as you did previously. The surface will become dull when you are done.
  • Apply polish in the area and then buff it to make it shine.
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Conclusion on this Professional Clear Coat Repair +How to Remove Clear Coat Without Damaging Paint article.

This post discussed how you can repair the damages on your car’s clear coat by yourself. Put it at the back of your mind that it is advisable to get professional help as the work will not be noticeable. If you are doing this for the first time, you might not get your desired outcome.

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